I will be duty-bound.
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Sober when the restless, I can not say that I like you, only in a night sentimental and lingering in the heart, or friends party drunk, dare to say through the emotions, I like you, like a long time for a long time WSET School.

About you, September of September, that is the season we know, in more than 40 square meters of the classroom, I know you. We are classmates, students are not familiar with each other. That is a tall thing, I am concerned about your start, intentionally or unintentionally from a group of four to a group of you cast a cup of cautious eyes afraid you find, but afraid you do not understand, a little bit like dare not sound. Later, called over the past, then chatting tacit understanding, each other's good night, only to understand the original is like, no other. Ok is like, but still dare not sound. Only because of the people in the crowd you said one, since then, you live in the heart. Not easily easily disturbed, is afraid of disturbing your life pace; not easily open to you love, is afraid of doing that is an offense, is a factor that hurt our relationship myob accounting.

about you. It is because of my fear, I see you look to her. I like you are the fact that you have a girlfriend is also a fact. I thought I did not say that the export will keep such a friend relationship, but still she caught a clever, it should be a winter vacation, you have a girlfriend, I still heard that I love, but still no fruit. So I and her between the inexplicable how much the feeling of the enemy, perhaps the other people's mouth, the world completely irrelevant two women, because a man is either very friendly, or hate. She can not be friendly, but not hatred, but you choose her, I hope she love you, take care of you, even my share also love. Since the day of your love, thoughts have become addicted to quit. Your smile, frown, all affect my heart, hundreds of thousands of dust thinking, read a ray of silk; thousands of roots, only love one person. I am willing to spend a lifetime wandering in your story, willing to saddle before you, the horse is looking forward, even if you never give me a promise, even if you never give me half of love, still no regrets no regrets home energy saving.

about you. A college entrance examination, exam scattered us, graduation will not be the last time to see, very happy, we are not. Go all the way, you continue to the university, it is gratifying that you are off-site, this can not be regarded as my effort, can only be said to happen, your arrangement coincides with my intention. And later heard that she saw her from her city, and then what can I say? She is really love you, it is true. I have and girlfriend said, life at least once, for someone and forget their own, do not seek results, do not ask for peers, do not have to have, do not even ask you to love me, only in my most beautiful years In, meet you This life met you, I think it is happy, although this happiness mixed with all kinds of pain. I also imagined to go quietly to your school, in a sunny afternoon, in the way you went to the classroom and you come to meet, meticulous encounter. But I have no time to meet with you, you have finished the industry Love is kind of very mysterious things, can not tell, the road is unknown, cut constantly, reason also chaos. The world, a kind of love that no results, but still adhere to the original place, leave to leave, even if you can not hold the rest of the temperature, still choose to silently waiting for you. All the way to come, the door only for you alone, the mountain city only for you alone, during the day only for your charming, only for you to hang around the night. Because love you, even if the heart into the desert island, or will be the most affectionate eyes, watching you happy.

about you. A chat, I said I want to go home, you say you have to go home, I did not think in this season, we will be in our city, but even if we are in the same city and how the farthest distance is , We are in the same city but feel so far away. I heard that you broke up, and I feel my heart even I can not tell, I should have been happy, but I was happy not up, four years, you have to go all the way to have, and is true love, why I will Happy not up, probably already used to silently like you, do not seek results. We have said the offer, that night finally agreed to meet at first glance, really at this time the mood, I was very excited, there are happy elements, but also some worry, worry that I am afraid I can not put my best Of the state show to you, more or moved, and you can walk side by side, is the school I do not dare to think of things. If I am the leaves of the wind, I hope to fall in the most beautiful posture, because you do not want to see my sadness, perhaps the beauty of this world, some desolate, The warmth of paperheads is the most beautiful poem for the time. We are around the park around the circle, thought it would be embarrassing, will word poor, but you one I sentence, we bathed in the breeze, I was enjoying this feeling until you send me downstairs, you want to leave, Want to give you a hug, how much I love you tell you. But I still did not, just silently watching you leave the back, slowly away in the dark until the disappearance of the corner. How much I hope, you can understand my silence, understand my silence, understand my hesitantly. Sometimes you can not see me, because I quietly hid behind you; sometimes you can not hear me, because I secretly disguise myself with silence. In fact, I am afraid of loneliness, but because you will let yourself into a deep loneliness; in fact, also afraid of loneliness, but because of your high mountains and mountains, and I can do nothing Even if you have something to tie him down, as long as you need, I will be duty-bound.





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