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Every person on this earth, whether healthy or not, rich or poor, happy or sad, has a common wealth, which is a dream.
I have always been paranoid that dreams should be blue, just like the ocean, full of imagination and full of challenges. My favorite line: Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. It is true that life is full of unknowns, and we must have the courage to face what is coming.
One of the best questions teachers and parents ask is, "what do you want to do in the future?" Although each person's answer is different, but always can't go out "teacher, doctor, scientist" such a circle, now recall, can not help smile. We, the ideal is so noble, but so naive hong kong top masters! Now, how many people have truly realized their dreams? Originally, want to grow up ability to understand, life is not a fairy tale, realize reality ability to find correct thought. Entering the workplace for two years, engaged in profession is far from ideal professional university, facing with opposite job content, we learned a muddled ground lost, have positive expectations, negative ground down, more to not be agitated, but now, everything was quiet, also with the passage of time, gradually mature. It is a process of growing up, there is pain, there is happiness, everyone has to go through it, no one can avoid it, so we can only choose pain and be happy.
There is a story about a pair of brothers who lived on the 80th floor, and when they went home, they found the building was out of power, and they had to climb the stairs. They were tired when they climbed to the 20th floor. "the bag is too heavy," said the elder brother. "let's put the bag here and take the elevator after the call." So on the 20th floor, they unload the burden and continue up master of education hong kong. By the time they reached the 40th floor, they were too tired to climb. Only half of them had climbed, and the two men began to complain about each other. So they clambered, all the way to the 60th floor, so tired that they had no strength left to fight. The younger brother said to his brother, "let's stop quarreling and climb over." So they went on climbing in silence, finally, 80 stories! Excitedly, the brothers found that their keys had been left in the duffel bag.
A lot of people must have heard this story, and most people will laugh at it. But if anyone thought, this story is actually reflects our life: before the age of 20, we live in a family, the teacher's expectations, with a lot of pressure and burden, oneself also not mature enough, so is hard to avoid instability. After 20 years of age, I left the pressure of the people, relieved the burden, and began to pursue my dream with all my heart. But at the age of 40, discovering that youth is gone, there are many regrets and regrets, so we begin to regret this, regret that, complain about this, hate that... And so, after 20 years of complaining. By the time you reach the age of 60, you find that there is not much left in your life, so tell yourself to stop complaining and cherish the rest of your life, so you can spend the rest of your life in silence. At the end of the life rent apartment Hong Kong, I think of myself as if something has not been done. It turned out that all of our dreams had been left in our 20s, before we could finish them.
Is it really too late? When I was a child, I didn't always think I could do anything when I grew up. Ever thought of, in fact, in the life, we often unconsciously come to "ten" word road, even the word "m" intersection, let's go to choose, and it is this time and time again choice determines our today's social status and life situation.
Life is like a curve, the starting point and the end point are inchoate, and the starting point and the end point are filled with countless choices. If you want everything, you may end up with nothing. Too many illusions, often make people not know how to choose. When you do not have time to play, others may have reached their destination.
Tolstoy said, "the purpose of life is the beacon. Without a goal in life, there is no firm direction. Without direction, there is no life. I used to think it was bullshit. Who says I have no life goals? My goal is clearly "teacher, doctor, scientist", you say these are the light, that my future really is infinite brilliant! Now, look again, no more reckless. The reason is simple, just like a marksman in a hundred, if he is aimlessly shooting, he can never win the game. Smart people should learn to choose, learn to judge the situation, and learn to avoid short. Only the wise choice of the best can bring the ultimate success. Think about this situation: some things are clearly needed, we mistakenly think we don't need; We mistakenly think we need something when we don't need it. There are things that we don't need much, but we think we need a lot. Some things need a lot of things, but we mistake them for very little... I think that when we define our goals, life will not be blind and success will be less difficult.
However, not all dreams are out of reach, between dream and reality, we must learn to measure, hold good degrees, can't let the dream for the development of unrealistic fantasies, and not in front of the reality, so just give up or repeat. Don't take your dream as a burden, leave a corner in your heart, and it will bring you the biggest surprise at some unexpected moment!
That's the way it is. To put it another way, I'll be better tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Along the new line of thought, I think I will meet my own dream.



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