From science and technology to operating concept, "green card"
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People's lifestyle, life philosophy and pursuit of life are changing. They used to be looking for food and clothing. Now they are looking forward to environmental protection. They used to seek survival, and now they are seeking the ecosystem. Gu Shengzu, an economist at the National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), explained the report on the work of the government in 2018.

It is precisely because the living environment is a basic element related to everyone's life quality and physical health, and can be perceived intuitively, so the issue of ecological environment has always been a sensitive topic of national concern. Vice president of Chinese real estate industry association Miao Leru believes that the real estate and construction industry as an important force in the national economy construction, downstream relates to many other industries, including construction, materials, parts of the consumption of the total social energy consumption more than 40%, so the implementation of green development of real estate, construction industry, real estate should be duty bound. Become the main force of green development.

Indeed, Vanke, green, SUNAC, Lu Neng, peacock city and many other housing prices have showed the "green card", from the design of architecture and technology, to the concept of operations have launched a series of green revolution, even the contemporary home development strategy for the company directly set the tone for "green lifestyle operators". But in the current view, housing prices really establish and practice of green development, on the road is still the way is long, the resistance mainly comes from the relatively high cost and not mature technology products.

Status: the focus of environmental protection, real estate to meet "the longest stop work"

Since October 2017, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region construction site has been at a standstill, closed the door, covered with dust of earth network security personnel, only occasionally a circle tour.

The reasons for suspension site in September last year, the Ministry of environmental protection issued the "Beijing Tianjin and surrounding areas 2017-2018 years of comprehensive management of air pollution in winter and autumn crucial action plan" requirements, from October 2017 to March 2018, Beijing city built in the region to stop all kinds of construction projects, demolition construction, earthwork operations of cement mixing and pouring work, stop the road engineering, water conservancy engineering earthwork operations. Therefore, from last October to the present, not only the real estate industry, even its upstream and downstream of cement, earthwork and other operations have been stopped.

Based on the Ministry of environmental protection to make this decision, is derived from the industry for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions from buildings with the judge, but the "suspension order" after all, not as a long-term mechanism, the development of eco-friendly green real estate is the right path.

In response, Zhang Peng, the president of contemporary home, judged that "China's existing urban buildings with more than 50 billion square meters of stock will have about 2 billion square meters of new inventory in 2017. Such a huge building base is one of the key areas of energy conservation and emission reduction in cities, so the green industry has a lot of space to develop. The green transformation of the stock building and the green development of the new projects will be the most important industry development direction in the future.

Question: real estate to green? Force point in product technology

Little is known, from the beginning of 2010, the "residential green technology" concept of popularity, Vanke, such as housing prices, China Jinmao Landsea established "high-profile laboratory", and quickly research results in the exhibition hall, the model used in the scene to show to the public.





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