​Autumn never forgets its beauty
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Since ancient times when autumn sad, I said autumn sun win the spring dynasty.

Autumn is sad season, but I like the maturity of autumn, autumn color and autumn dedication alone.

Autumn, is quiet, less spring germination, summer of hot, cold winter, but a different kind of charm. There is a little home jasper intimate, but also guixiu of the implication; Fluttering and still; Deep and romantic, serene and warm.

In autumn, beauty is composed, steady and low-key. No fuss, no frivolity; The color is the most gorgeous, but the background color is the coldest; Fruitful and fruitful, but most quiet and serene; Gentle and elegant, yet sad and solemn.

Autumn is fanatical and introverted; It's rich and it's decaying. There are thousands of sail over the calm, there is life and death to see the broken free and easy, there is nothing in the original indifferent. In fact, all things are empty, gain and loss, life and death, not important. The important thing is how to let oneself beautiful, lets oneself obtain the mind free. Every falling leaf never forgets its beauty. Every flower never gives up blooming.

Life is half a storm, half a sunny day, the cycle of four seasons is just the normal life, sad and happy just different mentality. Song dynasty monk Buddha ji cloud: spring flowers autumn months, summer cool wind winter snow. It is a good time to be alone.





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