In the depth of autumn, the years are beautiful
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Late autumn sunshine, or warm appearance, a few leaves occasionally curtain, mottled melancholy, the season is very like a clear life of the cold and warm, years can not be retained, will be old, but flowers bloom and fall, there is always good and love flowers, always open in the heart.

The years is long, always must encounter the new scenery, the road is at the foot, the heart is on the road, so must let oneself easy.

There is always a kind of soul agreement, in the long days of autumn, such as the agreement, there is always a ray of sunshine, Registered Address in the maple red chrysanthemum yellow, warm heart, across a distance of mountains and rivers, often Thanksgiving to meet this paper, regardless of mountains and water far, regardless of years thin cold, is always put in the heart of the warmth.

Walk in the earth, who is not, left hand flat, right hand fireworks, half bosom thin cool, half cup bright, like that sentence, I come to the world for nothing else, just stick warm. Do not ask where the time has gone, cherish the current variety, under the sun, walking like a flower, many years later would like to still have a clear if autumn water heart.

As I grow older, I like daily life more and more. I love everything I like and live every day carefully. The so-called happiness is the tranquility of body and soul. Perhaps the life is such, you cannot have the spring flower and the autumn moon at the same time, Air Cooled Screw Chiller cold and warm alternation, have and lose coexist, such, be a life.

Autumn leaves are still rustling in the trees, but it is not last year's that one, there are always some time, in the spring flowers blossoming, and melancholy in the autumn rain, there are always some people, in the most beautiful time met, and separated at the next intersection, some toss, seems like the wind light clouds light, turn, tears have poured out of the city.

The day repeats, but sings the different melody, the season red fat green thin in, meets also will meet, leaves of still will leave, carelessly, was infected the time breeze dust, should have how strong, ability to yearn for not to forget? Passing through the warm and cold of the four seasons, I still want to follow my heart and write in the wind what you see for the first time.

Life, has been going on, never for who and stay, the mood is written in the years on the paper of a white moonlight, even if encountered cold, Abbott Eleva even if has been written as a missing chapter, is still safe.

Think of master feng zikai's words: "do not be confused in the heart, do not be troubled by feelings; It is good to forget the past and not to fear the future.

Deep autumn, with a touch of temperature in mind, in the interwoven time to do their own, and time, and years, quietly read the beautiful life, long road, we always think the best ahead, in fact, the most warm company, has been in the heart, the most precious understanding has been around.

When the autumn wind picks up the leaves, when summer flowers are no longer fragrant, life will eventually come to an end. When you put away your love in your eyes, listen to the autumn wind and tell about the long love of a long stream of water.

With a meter of sunshine, all the sadness, I wish the autumn wind not dry, years of quiet beauty, not time, you and I are good.





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