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  Twenty-nine scientists attained $1  into UCF Millionaires Club, which hosted the celebration before this thirty day period.

  Recipients gained kudos and tongue and cheek awards for instance a plush Underdog toy that went to your political science staff that defeat the percentages by profitable a $1.eighty five million grant. A different workforce earned the United Nations award for the project together with the most non-U.S. collaborators.

  Although we've presently trademarked the phrase America Main partnership University,¥ our investigation and commercialization enterprise uniquely personifies that determination, said MJ Soileau, vice president for investigate commercialization and the emcee with the evening.

The Master of Science in Nursing  also includes mental health nursing polyu.

  Soileau, who started the event in FY00 by presenting six millionaires with a special blend of his home-made hot sauce with a label emblazoned with his picture, unexpectedly had the tables turned this year when provost Dale Whittaker presented him with a one-gallon personalized bottle of Tabasco.

  Millionaires obtained smaller bottles of hot sauce and a special blend of perfume or cologne called Millionaire and several gag gifts were also presented. The awards largely aligned with president John C. Hitt five goals to the college which include international prominence and focus in key areas of exploration, as well as emphasis on collaboration and partnership.

  The 38 researchers who gained any size grant for that first time in FY15 were asked to stand as were the 35 patent recipients.

  Complete list of awards:

  Biggest Fish Award to the biggest single award of the year was presented to Richard Eastes of the Florida Space Institute for his undertaking from NASA. In FY15 that job brought in $12,688,875.

  The complementary Every Little Bit Counts Award for your smallest grant gained was presented to Subith Vasu from the College of Engineering and Computer Science, who acquired $800 from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities Travel Grants program.

  The Money Bags Award, with the largest increase in funding, was presented to the Rosen College of Hospitality Management which went from one award for $19,362 in FY 14 to three awards for $291,028 in FY15 a one, percent increase.

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  The Underdog Award was presented to Michael Macedonia of the Office of Research Commercialization and Dr. Mark Schafer of the department of political Science for $1.85 million from the Defense Intelligence Agency to establish an Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence.

  The John Hancock award for the challenge using the most signatures was presented to Xin Li, Erin Saitta, Jacquelyn Chini, Melissa Dagley and Brian Moore from the College of Sciences, and Michele Gill from the College of Education and Human performance.

  The United Nations award for most non-U.S. collaborators goes to pak Ant Kong of COHpA for his task titled Toward a Multi-modal and Multi-level Analysis of Chinese (A-pHA-SHICK) Discourse with partners including the Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong National, National College of Ireland and polyU Technology and Consultancy.

  The awards for that most proposals submitted, 32, and most awards received, 35, were both presented to Tom O¥Neal of the Office of Investigate Commercialization. Grants are not necessarily been given in the same year in which proposals are submitted.

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